Sharmini Fraser


Since opening in 2013, I have provided over 300+ business’ with web and branding solutions. I have clients on all ends of the globe and love the diversity of working with clients from a range of different industries.

Digital design is truly my greatest passion in life. I pride myself on creating simple, creative design solutions for my clients and nothing lights me up more than bringing a clients vision to life.

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My Clients Include

Ariane Samio

Web Assistant & Support

Meet Ariane, Ariane has been an integral part of the Sharmini Fraser Designs team since 2019, specialising in WordPress, website support, and web assistance.

Her expertise, attention to detail, and creative flair ensure seamless functionality and captivating designs for clients’ WordPress websites.

Outside of work, Ariane finds joy in surfing and draws inspiration from the ocean, infusing her work with a sense of fluidity and innovation.



Kaye Buenaventura

Executive Assistant

Meet Kaye – the wizard of operations and the maestro of client communication at Sharmini Fraser Designs, making sure everything runs smoother than a salsa dance-off.

When not weaving office magic, Kaye transforms into the team’s high-fiving, problem-solving superhero, making clients’ wishes come true with a sprinkle of awesomeness.

And when the world isn’t enough of a stage, you’ll find Kaye unleashing inner diva powers on international adventures or belting out favourite tunes at the karaoke mic – because life’s a symphony meant to be sung! 🎀 🌏